Our Story

This dream store started from two girls spending their free time shopping together and watching WAY too many reality shows.  The mother & daughter team felt that they should either get a reality show - which would be way fun! - or start a store since they both loved to shop together so much.  They love finding new interesting designers, watching the trends, and picking out new outfits for friends and family.

After spending countless time working with mentors from SCORE, going to every small boutique around Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, and Arkansas seeing what works & what doesn't, as well as traveling all over the US for fashion shows and markets doing "research" (our code word for shopping) our dream became reality in March 2014 when we launched our website!  

We love our growing collection and with each new package that arrives we continue to be thrilled to share our finds with you!  Each package is eagerly torn open with the excitement of Christmas morning and glorious shouts of "SO CUTE!" by both girls.

We hope you enjoy the clothes as much as we have enjoyed finding them.  We always strive to find quality made clothes so that our customers know they are always getting exceptional value. The biggest compliment we can get in the online world is for you to tell everyone else how happy you are with our service and quality.  Please always drop us a line if you have a suggestion on how we can make things better.  We want to keep you as a customer for a lifetime.

Meredith & Hannah
The Two Elle's Girls